Silver Plating Fasteners Service

Improving the performance of your product with silver plating for fasteners

 The role of the humble fastener has changed significantly over the last few years.  With new technologies and industries, the fastener is now required to perform under a number of stresses, over a range of applications.

From extremes of temperatures to exposure to chemicals, the fastener has to withstand a lot during its lifetime.  Critically, manufacturers need to know that they can rely on its performance over the lifetime of their products.


Traditional methods for modern applications

Many manufacturers in industries such as aerospace, automotive, defence and electronics have turned to the traditional method of silver plating to provide them with superior performance for many modern applications.


Why it makes sense to use silver plating for fasteners

Whatever type of fastener, screw or bolt you use on your products, you need to know that it is ‘up to the job’.  Silver plating for fasteners can solve a range of problems concerning fasteners and can improve their properties.  There are several reasons why you should choose to have your fasteners silver plated. Here’s just a few benefits it offers:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance to a number of chemical substances.
  • Excellent anti-galling and anti-fretting due to its low friction and great lubricity, even under high temperatures.
  • Enhanced electrical properties such as excellent conductivity and great solderability.
  • Silver does not degrade even at high temperatures.
  • Oxidation resistant. Because it does not oxidise at high temperatures, silver is perfect for use in exhaust systems.

So, if your fasteners are subjected to wear, chemicals, high temperatures, or need a good level of conductivity, it makes sense to choose silver plating for your fasteners to ensure great performance and longevity of use.

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