Industrial Silver Plating Service

Choosing an industrial silver plating service

 There may be a number of reasons why you choose to have your products silver plated rather than choosing another form of surface coating.  However, you need to be sure that the company you choose to carry this process out for you is providing the best possible service available.

You may be looking for a silver plating service provider for a new product, or you might not be happy with your existing provider and are looking for a change.  Here, we explore just what you should be looking for when choosing an industrial silver plating service.

Experience and reputation

In the surface coating industry, experience and reputation are key.  Make sure that you choose a company who has a great reputation for providing a high quality silver plating service over many years.  Look for other indicators that the company supplies excellent products with a great service, such as accreditations from industries they supply, or recognition from industry peers.

Investing in the future

A company who has not invested heavily in the future is going nowhere.  You can rest assured that a company who shows this type of commitment is dedicated to ensuring the future of their business, as well as helping their customers stay ahead of market demands.  Look for a company who not only excels in their core business of silver plating, but who work to develop new coatings and processes as well as to helping to improve their customers’ products.

Quality guaranteed

Check the company’s accreditations.  If they hold ISO 9001 accreditation, they will follow strict quality management processes that are regularly audited both internally and by external organisations such as the BSi (British Standards Institute).  Companies supplying silver plating services for the aerospace sector may also be accredited to other quality standards such as AS9100 which is supported by major aircraft manufacturers.

Companies holding these accreditations will be dedicated to ensuring that the highest levels of quality are always maintained.

Looking after the environment

Those using chemicals in their day-to-day operations should be committed to looking after the environment.  Choose a supplier who has attained ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification, which shows that a company is committed to minimising their environmental impact of their activities.

Where chemicals are used in in the silver plating process and other surface coating technologies, a number of regulations and directives have to be followed.  These include directives such as REACH (Registration, Evaluations, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) and RoHS (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances) which govern the use and disposal of chemicals.  Silver plating companies need to ensure that they follow all requirements relating to their processes.

What are the benefits of silver plating for my product?

Silver is a great plating solution for a number of products and is used widely in industries such as aerospace and electronics.  It can be plated on substrates such as steel, aluminium, copper, bronze and other alloys to give them enhanced properties.  These include corrosion resistance, enhanced electrical properties such as superior conductivity, outstanding solderability and great lubricity even at high temperatures.

Choose Frost Electroplating for your silver plating service

We have been in the silver plating industry for over a century and know everything there is to know about electroplating and other surface coating technologies.  Having recently moved into our new, purpose built facilities has enabled us to invest in the latest technologies and develop new processes and coatings for new technologies and industries.

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