Our goals in dealing with this difficult situation are:

  • to minimise the risk of our employees becoming infected
  • to maintain a service to companies making essential products

We shall operate normal hours until 2nd April, after which we shall switch to a reduced shift pattern. Priority will be given to essential products that support the medical sector, however we will still process other work where we can.

With reduced numbers of staff on site, we may not be able to offer you as quick a response as before. If possible, please email rather than telephone. We are not allowing visitors or contractors on site and are limiting where delivery drivers can go.

I would like to thank our employees, customers and suppliers for their understanding and continued support.

Take care,

25th March 2020

Understanding your requirements

Companies often come to us because of our bespoke service and our vast knowledge of the coatings industry. We work closely with them to meet their requirements.

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Free guide: FCIII Technical Bulleting

The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has determined that Hexavalent Chromium compounds are part of the REACH directive Annex XIV and as such, was issued a sunset date for Sept 2017. However application for an extension to this has been applied for meaning that it’s use, can be continued under the pending authorisation, until a decision has been made. However it does appear that ultimately it will be banned. Read our response in this free guide.

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Exceeding with our expertise

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