Why electroplating bolts and other fasteners is important

Whatever the industry you work in, staying ahead of your competitors is a key factor that we all face.  Your customers expect that the products they source from you are fit for purpose, reliable and of a high quality.  It is therefore extremely important that any components you buy in from other manufacturers to use within your products, even down to the tiniest screw, meet this criteria also.

Why should you use electroplated bolts and other types of fasteners?

Your customers need to be able to rely on your products.  It’s not acceptable that bolts or screws that are used to assemble a product don’t perform how they should – poor plating can lead to corrosion and shearing. This is not only costly to customers, but can also be costly to the company, who would have to rectify the job.

Electroplating bolts and other types of fasteners can improve their performance and their properties.  Depending on the type of plating you choose for your bolts – silver, gold, zinc etc. – there are a number of improved properties that can be obtained.  From chemical corrosion resistance to low friction and galling resistance, improved conductivity to high hardness, oxidation resistance to extreme heat resistance, all of these can be achieved by electroplating.

For industries such as aerospace, defence and automotive, it is imperative that the bolts used are of the highest quality and can withstand a number of technical challenges.  That’s why manufacturers working in these sectors insist on electroplating for bolts, screws and other types of fasteners that are used in their products.

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