We built our industry-leading reputation on the quality, response and technical excellence of our electroplating services.

At the core of our traditional business is the gold and silver plating of precision strip and finished components on a variety of substrates for the pressworking sector. Today we are a dominant player in this sector, supplying manufacturers in the UK and overseas with barrel, rack and reel-to-reel strip plated products.

Frost can provide overall and selectively plated coatings in gold, silver, bright tin, matt tin, nickel and copper on a wide variety of substrates to give enhanced electrical properties and solderability.

Whatever the substrate, coating, component size, and production volume of specification, we work closely with our customers to provide the most cost-effective solution.

Our electroplated coatings are complemented by a wide range of electroless nickel, anodising, passivating, gold immersion and chromate conversion coatings.

Electroplated finishes include:

Continuous Reel to Reel Strip Plating

Overall and selective reel-to-reel strip plating of:

Gold, Silver, Bright Tin, Matt Tin, Nickel, Copper

Barrel and Rack Plating

Overall and selective barrel and rack plating of:

Gold, Silver, Bright Tin, Matt Tin, Nickel, Copper