Large Tier 1 Global Precision Machining company approached Frost Electroplating with an opportunity to tender for their subcontract E-Ni business.

Discussions with the management team at Frost highlighted their concerns with the supply chain regarding damage & poor plating, this resulted in 100% inspection creating delays, increased deliveries to and from the subcontractor due to at best, reworking the product & in more extreme circumstances, scrap product. This had the undesirable effect of premium freight costs being incurred.

At our following New Part Review meeting the question was raised with their Technical department, why Electroless Nickel ? Standard electroplated nickel would more than meet the technical aspects and result in significantly reduced delivery times and costs.

Frosts Technical team produced a PFMEA to identify all high risk failure modes (RPN’s >100) and defined actions to overcome these.

Sample production was submitted with the relevant PPAP documentation on all parts, and shipped for approval to all of the customer’s relevant global facilities.

Upon approval Frost went into full production having revamped the specification, eliminated heavy inspection costs and integrated a daily pick up /delivery service into our normal transport schedule.
Based on the this success we were given global supplier approval which resulted in us being invited to look at their anodising requirement, again our Technical team sat down with the customer and identified key areas of concern, and how to overcome these.

After the first 12 months the customers yields had significantly increased and costs were reduced by 50% !!!
This is one of many successful partnerships that we are more than willing to share with you, but more importantly we sincerely want to be able to make your business, the next success story.