For many years Frost have been silver plating, copper alloy strip material, for large global Tier 1 automotive companies. However in an ever demanding marketplace pressure for cost reductions is certainly prevalent.

In order to maintain our reputation as being at the forefront of this technology we decided to focus on reducing running & material costs significantly.

Trials were conducted within our laboratory to come up with a high speed plating solution using conventional anode material. This increased our speed and reduced our costs as metal replenishment took place from anodes rather than expensive chemical salts.

Our Technical department also looked at wastage due to plating the full thickness of Silver where it isn’t needed. Discussions took place with our customers to gain a full understanding of where the requirements actually were. From this, innovative methods of selective stripes, plating one side only etc….were developed.

In other cases where the requirement was to plate all over, a method was developed to reduce the thickness distribution across the width to virtually zero.

This innovative development was a method of ongoing measurement whilst the coil is moving using conventional X-ray Fluorescence (XRF). This gave us real time readings of the complete distribution at 1mm increments to ensure no wastage or under-plating was taking place.

This is one of many successful partnerships that we are more than willing to share with you, but more importantly we sincerely want to be able to make your business, the next success story.