What is gold electroplating?

With clients from a number of industries from automotive to electronic, aerospace to defence, Frost Electroplating has gained a wealth of knowledge and technical ability this enables us to provide our customers with high quality gold electroplating services. Here we find out more about gold electroplating and why you should choose Frost Electroplating for all… Read more »

Understanding Anodising Services

As the UK’s largest independent supplier of surface coating technologies, Frost Electroplating knows all there is to know about anodising. For over 130 years, they have been providing high-quality, technologically advanced, surface coating.  Below is a guide on anodising services and how it can benefit many products in a range of industries.

An overview of the benefits of electroplating, anodising and SurTec 650

As a recognised, leading innovator in the surface coating technology industry, Frost Electroplating has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help companies comply with regulations and guidelines, as well as improve the properties of their products.  As safety to your employees is paramount, we are able to offer advice and solutions to help you… Read more »

An introduction to aluminium anodising

An introduction to aluminium anodising For its 130 years in the surface engineering industry, Frost Electroplating has been providing excellent service to its clients across a range of industrial sectors. By providing bespoke solutions for many customers around the world, and by being a leading innovator in the sector, Frost Electroplating has grown to become… Read more »