With electroless nickel we can plate onto both metallic and non-metallic substrates (using a nickel boron coating) including ceramics and glass.

Processes can be tailored to produce stable, corrosion-resistant and chemically resistant surfaces with hardnesses up to 1000Hv. Electroless nickel can produce uniform coating thicknesses in recesses and blind holes.

We have also developed coatings to meet the requirements of customers with applications that have to comply with RoHS regulations. We can also finish electroless nickel and nickel boron coatings with immersion gold to give a thin gold layer to aid solderability and reduce contact resistance.

The electroless nickel coating services we offer include:

Medium phosphorous

Giving a standard RoHS compliant finish for most applications. A non-RoHS compliant mirror finish is also available

High phosphorous

A non-magnetic coating giving high corrosion resistance, high chemical resistance and hardnesses up to 1000Hv

Nickel boron

A very hard coating that can be plated onto ceramics and glass

Immersion gold

Produces a thin layer of gold on top of the nickel coating to give improved electrical properties