At Frost Electroplating we help customers solve problems and improve the properties of their products using a wide range of surface coating technologies, including electroplating, anodising (anodizing) and electroless nickel plating.

Our customers come from industries that include aerospace, defence, electrical, electronic and automotive manufacture and benefit from technological solutions such as:

Gold and silver plating to improve solderability and electrical properties

Hard anodised coatings for durability, wear and corrosion resistance to aerospace and defence standards

Sulphuric anodised coatings for corrosion resistance and decorative finishes

PTFE impregnated anodised coatings for low friction and galling resistance

Electroless nickel coatings for high hardness, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance

Nickel boron coatings for high hardness – even on ceramics and glass substrates

We are ISO 9001:2009 and AS9100 accredited and work with customers to find solutions for their specific requirements.