UK based defence company approached Frost Electroplating with an opportunity to tender for their subcontract Hard Anodising business.

The opportunity was granted to us on the back of a severe corrosion issue they had encountered that was solved by our technical department.

Discussions with the management team at Frost highlighted their concerns with the supply chain regarding poor yield due to rough finishing. It was believed this surface resulted in gas leakage due to excessive wear of the PTFE seals. This resulted in yields as low as 37% with multi-million dollar equipment failing in the field.

At our New Part Review meeting the questions were raised with their Technical department, to gain an understanding of the customer’s needs.

Frosts Technical team produced a PFMEA to identify all high risk failure modes (RPN’s >100) and defined actions to overcome the identified issues.

In order to meet the customer requirements a designated process was developed, dedicated jigs were manufactured and trials were conducted to achieve the required Ra of <0.3 Measuring equipment was purchased to evaluate this and to also record and print the test data.

Once the processed was established it was frozen and approved by the customer.

Yield was increased to 100% resulting in Frost Electroplating receiving the prestigious Chairman’s award.