Why electroplating bolts and other fasteners is important

Whatever the industry you work in, staying ahead of your competitors is a key factor that we all face.  Your customers expect that the products they source from you are fit for purpose, reliable and of a high quality.  It is therefore extremely important that any components you buy in from other manufacturers to use… Read more »

Silver Plating Fasteners Service

Improving the performance of your product with silver plating for fasteners  The role of the humble fastener has changed significantly over the last few years.  With new technologies and industries, the fastener is now required to perform under a number of stresses, over a range of applications. From extremes of temperatures to exposure to chemicals,… Read more »

Industrial Silver Plating Service

Choosing an industrial silver plating service  There may be a number of reasons why you choose to have your products silver plated rather than choosing another form of surface coating.  However, you need to be sure that the company you choose to carry this process out for you is providing the best possible service available.… Read more »

An insight into UK gold plating

With electronics playing a part in everyday life, from cars to washing machines, computers to telephones, the UK gold plating industry is in high demand. What is gold plating? Gold plating is a form of electroplating whereby a thin layer of gold is deposited on a substrate to improve its properties. The component which is… Read more »

UK Silver Plating

Excellence in the UK silver plating industry  The UK has a reputation for engineering and manufacturing excellence, and this is no truer than in the surface engineering industry.  The UK has many forward-thinking, innovative companies working in this technically demanding industry. UK silver plating has been used in one form or another for over 200… Read more »

Plating gold service for the 21st Century

Plating, electroplating, surface coating, and metal finishing are all terms which are used to describe the process of depositing a layer of metal onto a metal object or component.  Plating gold provides a number of improvements to the original component and is suitable for use in traditional manufacturing processes, as well as new technologies. What… Read more »

Plating Gold and other Surface Coating Technologies

If you need to know about plating gold, silver, tin, copper or other industrial coating technologies such as anodising or electroless nickel plating, then Frost Electroplating should be your first port of call.  With over 130 years of experience and know-how, this Midlands-based company knows everything there is to know about surface coating technologies.  Here,… Read more »

Introduction to Silver Electroplating

Silver plating has been around since the 18th Century, when it was used to produce household products. However, it wasn’t until the 19th Century, when electroplating was introduced, that silver started to be more commonly used for industrial applications. Although a relatively old process, silver electroplating is today widely used within modern technology, thanks to… Read more »

Industrial silver plating explained

For over a century, the use of industrial silver plating has been used for enhancing the properties of various metals for use in many industries.  Based in the Midlands, Frost Electroplating have been providing plating services for over 130 years.  In this article, we give you an introduction into industrial silver plating.

Your guide to hard anodising

The process of hard anodising allows metals such as aluminium to achieve greater performance in a number of applications within sectors such as aerospace, defence, space and precision engineering.  Below we give a brief guide on hard anodising, how it is achieved, and what the benefits are.