Anodising Services  
  Anodising is an electrolytic process that produces a tough and corrosion resistant oxide finish on aluminium and titanium. The coating can also be coloured to produce a decorative finish.  
  At Frost we have invested in a high-technology production capability offering a range of sulphuric acid and hard anodised finishes to meet the demanding technical requirements of industries such as aerospace, defence, space and precision engineering.  
  Coatings are available to meet all kinds of decorative, corrosion protection, hardness, wear resistance, low friction, anti-galling and chemical resistance requirements.  
  Anodised coatings are complimented by a range of sealing methods. At Frost we are aware of the impending REACH directive and as such can offer fully compliant alternatives to the traditional d-chromate / duplex seals, these being Nickel Acetate, Hot DI water, PTFE & our very own Trivalent Seal process. All of which can be combined with dyed coatings. We also offer REACH & RoHS compliant conversion coatings.  
  We are happy to work with customers to develop bespoke solutions for specific requirements and will invest in new plant to support this, if it leads to ongoing business.  
To meet the requirements of aerospace and defence customers, we are accredited to AS9100.   Quality Management System BS EN 9100:2003, ISO 9001:2000
We have also committed to the SC21 supply chain improvement programme.   ADS SC21
  The anodising processes on offer from Frost are:  
Sulphuric anodising Typically for decorative applications, to specifications including Def Stan 03-25, Mil-Std-171, BS1615
Hard anodising A thicker, tougher and harder sulphuric coating requiring precision process control and which gives a high degree of wear resistance. Specifications include Def Stan 03-26, Mil-A-8625 Type III, BS5599
PTFE impregnation PTFE can be incorporated during the hard anodizing process to give a low friction coating which also has good hydrophobic and lipophobic properties
  Conversion coatings include:  
Iridite NCP & Surtech 650 Chromic conversion coatings giving short-term corrosion protection and meeting specification Mil-C-5541
Passivation To remove metallic contamination from the surface of stainless steel. Specifications include QQ-P-35, SAE AMS 2700
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