About Us  
  With over 100 years in the business, we are the UK’s largest independent supplier of high-quality barrel, rack and reel-to-reel strip plating to customers in Britain and around the world.  
  Our wide range of capabilities allow us to cope with almost any combination of size, production volume and specification.  
  Building on our position in traditional markets, we have innovated and invested in developing high-performance coatings and processes for new industries, technologies and customers. Our range of electroless nickel coatings, for example, meet a wide range of technical needs for specific hardness, corrosion resistance and low-friction requirements. They also make it possible to plate non-metallic substrates such as glass and ceramics.  
  More recently, we have commissioned a new facility dedicated to the needs of the aerospace and defence sectors – covering a wide range of sulphuric and hard anodized treatments.  
To support this customer base, we have added AS9100 quality certification to our existing ISO 9000 accreditation, and have signed up to the SC21 ‘Supply Chains for the 21st Century’ initiative.  
  As well as offering our standard range of processes, we are keen to work with customers to develop bespoke solutions and coatings to solve problems and improve their products.  
  Whatever the requirement, Frost will find the best solution with the best properties at the best price.  
  We make a continuous commitment to investing in our business – not just in the latest computer-controlled processes and analytical equipment but also in the people and management processes that will ensure we keep on delivering an industry-leading service to our customers for the next hundred years.  
Frost Electroplating Ltd, Catesby Park, Kings Norton, Birmingham, B38 8SE
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